Accurate Inlays

  Robinson Cues have long been recognized for their originality and consistently accurate inlay work. Because they work with a manual pantograph machine instead of a CNC machine, much more time consuming hand craftsmanship is involved. From the hand fitting of inlays to hand carving of points, making it right is always the priority. Just as important as the inlay work are the jigs they make which are used to cut out the inlays. Depending on the complexity of the pattern, a single jig can take days to make. Another area also very time consuming and unique to Robinson Cues, is the dying of ivory. This process involves a special application technique along with a lot of patience. Depending on the color and the ivory it can take up to 5 hours to dye a cue. Since pictures don't capture the cues beauty or craftsmanship properly, seeing one in person is really the only way to appreciate it.