Cue Options


1.Birdseye maple 2.Ebony 3.Redheart 4.Purpleheart 5.Pink ivory

6.Cocobolo 7.Fustic 8.Snakewood 9.Bloodwood 10.Tulip

Wraps: Irish linen , Leather , Cork ( a variety of string and leather is available )


Trim Rings: Single silver ring, Double silver rings, Ebony & ivory checkered rings, Ebony & ivory checkered rings with double silver rings, C30 rings, (as seen on the model C30) these trim rings are also made using double silver rings with silver instead of vinyl to border the wood boxes. The type of wood used in the boxes depends on the cue.



*spearheads can be made of : wood, sterling silver, ivory or alternative ivory (call for prices) images showed are enlarged for your viewing pleasure. 

Butt Caps: Double black linen , Alternative ivory , Ivory ($250)

Extra Shaft:  with ivory  or Ivorine-3 ferrules (call for pricing) 

Tips: Elk Master , Triangle , Le Pro , other brands available upon request.

Dyed Ivory Colors:
Purple , Violet , Blue , Turquoise , Aqua , Green , Red , Orange , Yellow , Pink & Gray

Wood Stains: Though our birds-eye maple cues are usually stained a light brown, they can pretty much be stained any color you like.